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HAPPY interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017! $2 treats collection, freebie and more!


interNational Scrapbookin Day-$2 treats DUME by Bellisae Designs

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017 to all!

I’m truly sorry to be so late joining the party but, because of some connexion issues, I haven’t been able to come here earlier…

Well, here I am now and I’m sooo thrilled to share a lot of funny things with you!

First, here are the new products I’ve created especially for all the wonder mothers and women you (we!) are and/or love!

So, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME is a very versatile collection you can use in every occasion to tell your beloved mother or wife how much she’s precious and unique to you! It can also be used by all the women who need some scrap therapy to remenber they are simply and truly amazing! 😉


interNational Scrapbookin Day-$2 treats DUME by Bellisae Designs


interNational Scrapbooking Day-$2treats DUME papers by Bellisae Designs

During this interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017 event @pickleberrypop, you can grab these two packs for only $2 each!

And that’s not all! All my shop (excluding bundles) is 40% off! Hurry up, my friends, sale ends may the 8th! 🙂

interNational Scrapbooking Day-storewide sale

Plus….. this DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME | collection coordinates with our DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME | PBP’s collab!

Just have a look bellow and see the beautiful packs all the PBP designers have created especially for you! You can buy them or get them for free with $5, $7, $10 or $15 purchase! 😉

interNational Scrapbooking Day-DUMEcollab FWP


iNSD is the time or never to make tons of wonderful pages with all the digi goodies you just bought so, if your mojo needs a little boost or if you simply want to have fun with us, let’s come and play along @ pickleberrypop!

interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017-mojo

I keep on speaking and speaking but…. it seems like I’ve totally forgotten the freebies I promised you!

So here they are! 🙂

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME! | free plastic pockets (click on preview to download)

interNational Scrapbooking Day - DUME pockets by Bellisae Designs

Please note that this set doesn’t include journal cards shown on the preview; these cards are part of my DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME! | free journal cards: if you’re not one of my dear subscribers who already get it in my last newsletter, click on the preview bellow to join and recieve this pack of 12 journal cards 🙂

interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017-DUME free journal cards

I wish you all a fantastic interNational Scrapbooking Day 2017!

Happy scrappin’!

bellisae designs xoxo



IT’S RAINING AGAIN | a digi duos collection + promotion + freebies




Vous connaissez le principe des Digi Duos @ Pickleberrypop: 2 créatrices travaillent sur une palette et un thème communs afin de créer une collection pleine de possibilités!

Cette fois-ci, j’ai eu la chance, et l’honneur, de travailler avec la très talentueuse Fayette Designs! Que dire de cette collaboration si ce n’est que j’ai a-do-ré travailler avec Fayette! Son style plein de fantaisie complète tellement bien mon style plus… sage!

Mais, trêve de blabla, place aux images qui sauront, mieux que mes mots, vous montrer à quel point cette collection est pleine de possibilités!

Que vous aimiez, ou non, les jours de pluie, je suis certaine que vous trouverez dans notre « Digi Duos collection » de quoi scrapper de nombreuses pages pleines de peps! 😉


I’m sure you know what Digi Duos are @ Pickleberrypop: 2 designers team up for working on the same scheme and theme in order to create a very versatile collection!

This time, I’ve been so lucky, and honoured, to work with the so talented Fayette Designs! What can I say about this collaboration? I’ve totally a-do-red working with Fayette! Her whimsical style perfectly completes my own simple one!

But… Images can speak better than my words and will show you how much this collection is full of possibilities!

So, wether you love or hate rainy days, I’m sure you’ll find in our Digi Duos Collection, all the stuff you need to make tons of fun and fresh layouts!





LIGHT PATTERNS included in the Full Kit




DARK PATTERNS free and only available with bundle purchase










Pour compléter notre collaboration, nous avons le plaisir, Faye & moi, de vous offrir chacune un petit cadeau que vous pouvez télécharger en cliquant ICI & ICI ou sur les images

Nous espérons qu’ils vous plairont!

To complete our collab, Faye & I are happy to offer you a small gift; feel free to download them HERE and HERE or by clicking on the previews

We both hope you’ll enjoy them!






Nous espérons que vous prendrez autant de plaisir à jouer avec notre collection que nous en avons eu à la créer!

We both hope you’ll have as much fun using our collab as we have creating it!

Bon scrap à Tous!

Happy scrappin’!

In the style of SABYNE | template challenge


In The Style of SABYNE | template challenge#1


Le temps file à toute allure me faisant prendre un peu de retard sur le planning que je m’étais fixé! Me voici enfin avec, comme promis hier, quelque chose de nouveau sur le blog!

A partir d’aujourd’hui, je vous proposerai régulièrement de faire un peu mieux connaissance avec une de mes Bellis’Angels ainsi qu’un petit challenge « In the Style of… » qui permettra, à l’un(e) d’entre vous, de remporter un bon d’achat de 10$ dans ma boutique*! 🙂


Time flies so fast! March is already here and I haven’t found time to post this « new special thing » before! Well, I’m pretty late but here I am!

From now on, I will regularly offer you the opportunity to meet one of my Bellis’Angels;  that will also be an occasion to play with a « In the Style of… » challenge which will allow one of you to win a $10 gift certificate on my entire store*! 🙂

Aujourd’hui, c’est Sabyne qui ouvre le bal et nous livre un peu d’elle-même!

Today, I’m welcoming Sabyne who opens the session by introducing herself!

In The Style of SABYNE | template challenge#1

SABYNEby Sabine

Merci beaucoup, Sabyne! Et merci également pour cette merveilleuse page réalisée avec ma collection ALL WE NEED IS…, qui m’a inspiré ce template! 🙂

Thanks a lot, Sabyne! And thank you too for this amazing page, using my ALL WE NEED IS… | collection, which has inspired me this template! 🙂

In the Style of SABYNE | template

Aujourd’hui donc, je vous propose de scrapper à la manière de, In the Style of SABYNE!

Pour avoir une chance de gagner un coupon de 10$ à valoir sur toute* ma boutique, c’est très simple!

Il vous suffit:

Today, I propose you to scrap In the Style of SABYNE!

To have a chance to win a $10 discount coupon on my entire* store, it’s pretty simple!

You just have to:

*collaborations exceptées / except collaborations

La page gagnante sera choisie, par mes Bellis’ Angels et moi-même, et publiée ici-même d’ici la fin du mois de mars.

The winner will be chosen, by my Bellis’Angels and I, and announced here until the end of the month.

Amusez-vous bien les Amis! et bonne chance à tous!

J’ai trop hâte de voir vos merveilles! 🙂

Have fun dear Scrappin’ Friends! and good luck, everyone!

I can’t wait to see your wonders! 🙂

Bellisae Designs | XOXO

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